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10 Reasons Why you Are not gaining muscle.

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10 Reasons Why you Are not gaining muscle.

gaining muscle

      Number one Stop working out, and start training. First thing first have a specific goal in mind. Determine whether or not you

want to gain muscle, strength, power,or endurance as your main goal. Each one requires a different style of training. If you have multiple

goals for best results you choose one for a 6 month period and move on to the next. For example,  you want to gain strength but you also want to gain

a lot of muscle. suggestion train to gain muscle for 6 months then train for strength. If this is done properly along with all the other aspects that
I’m about to get into in little bit you will be extremely strong and muscular.

Number two Pay attention, This means keep track of your performance, record keeping lets you know where exactly where you at as far as your performance.
Keeping some sort of log or journal of what you have done day to day will ensure progression. You need to have progression in
your program meaning after 3 to 4 weeks you should not be doing the exact same routine, with the exact same weight the exact same reps and sets.
I like to call this consistent progression.

Number Three Stay consistent with your program no matter what. I know sometimes things happen in your life that cause you to not be able to train
a day , maybe a few days, or even weeks or months. The thing with this is whatever happens you need to get back into the routine and a day to day basis.
Being consistent is one of the most important keys to your success.

Number four. Proper form or technique when performing exercises. When you are performing an exercise, you should feel whatever muscle you are working on
stretch and contract. Proper form and technique is top dog over the amount of weight, so if the weight is to heavy to perform the exercise properly you should
lower the weight.

Number five Proper nutrition, proper nutrition is very very important I did  mention proper nutrition is very important right? I mention proper nutrition
twice because I should have  underlined it and put it at the top of the list, that’s how important it is. You should be consuming at least o.9 to 1.0 grams of protein
every day spread throughout your day. You also need to be taking in a good source of carbohydrates as well and the amount needed is gonna very from person to person
And don’t forget about your fats, not all fats are bad fats there are good fats along with bad ones my advice take the good ones. This is gonna very in the amount from
person to person.

Number six more frequent meals, for optimum growth your muscle needs to be feed through- out the day. Eating one or two
meals is not ideal for optimum growth.

Number seven keep stress down stress can cause all supports of problems  with your eating ,hormones sleeping and boat load of issues so you want to keep stress down as much as possible.

Number eight This is another very important one get a good nights sleep. You should shoot for eight hours of sleep every night and if not eight at least  six but ideally eight

Number nine water, make sure you are drinking adequate amount of water through out the day very important for your muscles to perform at peak level.

Number ten  always stay motivated keep your eye on the prize and keep in mind the important reason why you want to do this. There you have with this information you are on your way to making so muscle

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