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The 5 Steps to getting the weight off

woman-weighing-herself1Although you may of heard it time and time again, you need to burn more calories then you take in. Well it is not always that simple. For most, it is two sides to the equation,and that is one: having a regular exercise routine. two: Making healthy eating choices. Doing these two things together will work to your advantage on your quest to knocking off the pounds and keeping them off. The following 5 steps will have you well on your way to knocking off the pounds. Step number one: Set realistic goals. Meaning set short term goals that you can handle. For example: Instead of eating out 5 to 7 days a week eat out only 3 times a week. Or instead of drinking soda switch to flavored sparkling water.  Step number two: Track what you are eating and have a food log , join sites like myfitnesspal to help track your calorie intake.  Step number three: Make smart choices when out to eat with friends. Stay away from high sodium, high saturated fat, and foods that are high in sugar.  Step number four:  Having good portion control, if you have to measure out what you are eating then do so. Step number five: Add fun physical activities. Such as dancing.The dance workout dvd video Shaun T’s CIZE Dance Workout – Deluxe Kit is very good Check out some reviews from Amazon below.

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Just received package the Wristbands I received were not in new condition they have been re-stitched and stretched to where you can see the holes there’s also more stuffing in one. I hope all The DVDs work the whole way through for now they all seem to be working and the workout looks like something I will enjoy. Just a update around Dec 2015 I called beach body about wristbands because thats why my shipping was so much i think shipping is free now but i got no response I emailed them and they said speck to amazon and amazon said speck to them it was a pain and run around this maybe my last beach body purchase which is sad because I really enjoyed t-25 & body beast.

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This is the best fitness program Shaun has ever created. This is not just a workout program, but it is a dance program. Shaun has changed his entire ideas about workout in this program. Unlike Hip Hop Abs and Rocking Body, it is nothing about workout and you do DANCE in Cize. In every chapter of Cize, Shaun teaches you many moves and puts these moves together in the end of each chapter with very hot music. This is a revolutionary fitness program. Cize is very challenging, especially for people who never dance before. It could take a beginner two weeks to really get every move of one chapter. This is also one amazing part of Cize. It is harder for you to learn it, it is more fun for you to use it. When you finisih the entire Cize program, you will be a quite good dancer actually. This is the reason why I say it is not just a workout program.

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I love this program! The choreography is fun, songs are decent, and Shaun is a fantastic instructor! However, I must say that I have met people who were disappointed with this program. They expected it to be more like an aerobics or step class, where you get talked through the entire routine. This is truly a dance routine, and for those who have never taken a dance class, you have to build it by adding steps and practicing, then adding more and practicing, until you are ready to perform the whole routine. So it may be different from what you’re used to. If you want a true dance class experience, I’d say this is for you. And for those who find it hard or some of the steps tricky, take your time, be patient and keep trying. Best wishes to all!

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This is an awesome workout. Anyone can do it and it is soooooooo fun. I would recommend getting the cheaper version though without all the bells and whistles. The videos are really great and I’m 50 and I love it.

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Containers are fun, Videos even more so. Excellent workouts! Lost over 10 pounds already. Have to be willing to feel like a fool while you are learning, but the final dances are fun once you get the hang of them. I do wish they had a better (and cleaner) song selection though.

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Cize is lots of fun!! I look forward to doing it as opposed to my workout DVDs. I have to admit I had trouble getting past the 4th routine – was just too hard for me – but I plan on working on it some more figuring out a section at a time.

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I love to dance and I noticed that when I do, I work up a sweat moving all of my body parts! When I saw this dance workout I figured I’d give it a shot. While I do have a gym membership, I don’t care to be in the group classes as there are too many people in them and too many people watching them (makes me feel like I am in a fish bowl). I find this perfect to do anytime I have time in the comfort of my own home. It even allows me to work out while watching my kids since I can do this in my living room while they are in the play room. The package comes with a series of DVDs and they are all clearly labeled and easy to read. When I popped the first one in, I was digging how it was very through in teaching the basics first and building up the routine… like a real dance class. Almost felt like a private session, and because it’s in my own home, I was able to rewind when needed to follow at my own pace. If you don’t enjoy dancing, this isn’t for you as there are some serious moves and they really built up your workout and get you going! Since I got the deluxe kit, it included everything I needed to buckle down and get going and with five DVDs included, I still haven’t gotten bored. I wasn’t however fond of the portion containers that come with this kit as I found them extremely hard to open. The lids didn’t really come off easy and I had to use what little nails I had every time to pry them open. As you can imagine, that didn’t work out well when I had something with liquid in it. I did find the wrist weights a great addition to the pack since it added intensity to the existing workout whenever I wanted it. They are very comfortable to wear and are made of a neoprene fabric. It was helpful to have the additionally included meal plan and other guides as well for reference and to assist with ideas.