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The 5 Steps to getting the weight off

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The 5 Steps to getting the weight off

woman-weighing-herself1Although you may of heard it time and time again, you need to burn more calories then you take in. Well it is not always that simple. For most, it is two sides to the equation,and that is one: having a regular exercise routine. two: Making healthy eating choices. Doing these two things together will work to your advantage on your quest to knocking off the pounds and keeping them off. The following 5 steps will have you well on your way to knocking off the pounds. Step number one: Set realistic goals. Meaning set short term goals that you can handle. For example: Instead of eating out 5 to 7 days a week eat out only 3 times a week. Or instead of drinking soda switch to flavored sparkling water.  Step number two: Track what you are eating and have a food log , join sites like myfitnesspal to help track your calorie intake.  Step number three: Make smart choices when out to eat with friends. Stay away from high sodium, high saturated fat, and foods that are high in sugar.  Step number four:  Having good portion control, if you have to measure out what you are eating then do so. Step number five: Add fun physical activities. Such as dancing.The dance workout dvd video Cize is very popular and fun very good read what others  have to say about  Shaun T’s CIZE Dance Workout – Deluxe Kit

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